Organic foods are a hit nowadays and it is not just because . Famous for not containing pesticides or chemicals, they won many fans recently and have been signed as a healthier alternative and a sustainable feeding. Moreover, not only that, since the organic production respects the environment in different spheres. Interesting, right?

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The food is tastier

You cannot deny it: a food full of pesticides has its flavor prejudiced and that industrialized “air” which many people dislike. In the organic food case, it is quite different: they are grown without the addition of chemicals and preservatives, and are precisely much tastier.

Even the aroma of organic food is more intense and tastier. In addition, they have a greater amount of nutrients that are very good for your health. Therefore, with an organic food you enjoy everything that a natural food has to offer.

The cultivation is environmentally friendly

In a world of many speeches and little real concern for the planet, organic food is a great example of environment care. The whole culture process happens in order to avoid soil and vegetation contamination, as pesticides not only reach the food, but also everything around it.

With the crop rotation, in which each area receives a different crop every time, the soil is preserved and lives full of the necessary nutrients. This is a way to keep it productive (good for the producer) and healthy (good for the planet). In addition, the plantation protects the quality of water, considering that the pesticides are not used and do not reach the ground or, in more severe cases, the groundwater.

It is an opportunity to encourage family farming

If the processed products are usually derived from large companies, organic choices go against this reality. Of course, there are big companies investing in this business, but mostly, the production is the result of small workers and their families.

Many farmers are producing organics as the only form of sustenance, then, buying natural foods is a great opportunity to strengthen these people work. Think about it!

Some health problems are avoided

Many people have speculated recently about the possibility of low food quality interfering on the growth of the current diseases. In fact, some research and studies have revealed the existence of this relationship.

Pesticides, hormones and chemicals are very harmful to our health, even more in large proportions. The waste may cause respiratory and neurological problems, allergies and even cancer.

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Although a bit more expensive, think that eating organic food is a type of investment you make to  yourself and your family. After all, to stay healthy, there is nothing better than avoiding what is bad.