Meditation is a time of self-care that benefits your life in many different ways. Nevertheless, how to meditate properly? With a few minutes of dedication in your day, you may have a life with more quality, because meditation helps in anxiety and depression treatment, and relieves the feeling of anguish and fear.

So check out the step-by-step we have prepared for you to succeed in your time to meditate!

Choose an appropriate place

Choose a suitable place to meditate every day. It is important that this place is clean and airy, but also cozy. It is not necessary to be a very large space, but remember that it should be as a sanctuary for you.

Select comfortable clothing

Wear comfortable clothes that are not too tight. As the practice of meditation slows the blood circulation, you may feel a little cold. To cover your knees with a sheet or a blanket could help to bring more comfort at that time. Do not use props that may disrupt the natural blood circulation, such as watches, bracelets, glasses, belts and jewelry.

Hold the posture

Now that you have a place to meditate and know what kind of clothes to use, it is time to choose a posture that suits you. Besides the famous lotus posture, considered difficult for beginners, there is the comfortable posture in which the person is sitting on the floor with legs crossed, in the diamond posture, in which the knees are flexed and legs serve as support for a person to sit.

You may also meditate sitting in a chair, making sure your feet are completely flat on the floor and your spine is straight. The important is to feel comfortable and to keep your back straight to allow the flow of energy. To use a cushion or even a book may help at this time.

Be careful with the postures

Regardless which postures you will take, it is important to be aware of your spine position: is it straight and is your chin parallel aligned to the ground? Do not have your back supported to allow the energy to flow naturally!

Can you stand still during meditation time? It is advisable to keep the tongue pressed against the palate to prevent the need to swallow what may distracts you. It may seem many things to worry about during meditation, but you will realize that they are measures that help to prevent discomfort and provide more concentration.

Pay attention to the breath

Focus your awareness on your body movements, especially in those produced by your breathing. Always inhale through the nose, feel your lungs fill with air, and exhale through the mouth, visualizing the impurities out of your body. This is a very important step, because it can drive your body to the needed relaxation so that meditation really happens.

Do not give up at the first sign of difficulty

Meditation is a long process, and it is important not to give up at the first sign of difficulty. Pay attention to the issues raised in this guide, they will help you to create a habit that will bring some benefits in a short, medium and long term, regarding well-being and quality of life!

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