Amid the stressful and rushed present days, yoga practice has become very popular and almost mandatory for some people to keep their minds healthy. Many people attribute to Yoga the self-control, calm and serenity ability.

Thus, it is worth it to incorporate this activity into your routine, as it is good for the body and soul. Facing lack of time to practice Yoga classes at gym? Then, know that it is perfectly possible to practice the activity at home, on your time. After all, Yoga exercises has the function to add positivity to your life quality and not let your day to be the most exhausting one.

Do you want to know all about how to practice Yoga at home? Continue reading and discover our five tips to start it right now.

Designate a space

The first step is finding the right place for you to practice Yoga at home. It is important to have a broad room to facilitate movements. Another aspect is a peaceful and silent place, which is essential to the concentration that is required from you.

The next step is organizing the atmosphere. Get a Yoga mat, you can find it at fitness stores. Another option is to customize a long piece of EVA rubber.

Delimit the available time

Now, it’s time to think about how many time you will dedicate to the activity, the practice time and how many days a week you will workout. It is interesting to establish these initial goals because it helps in the discipline and time organization.

However, be flexible and start slowly. To force your body limits and then fail to meet the goals may cause discouragement and frustration. Start with a simple exercise routine, testing different times to find the ideal way to practice Yoga.

Adopt the meditation practice

Meditation is an excellent complement to Yoga practice. It is an opportunity to empty your mind and to remove the whirlwind of information and concerns that afflict us every day. Promoting self-awareness, the practice enables us to reconnect with our inner self.

Establish a ritual. When you have finished Yoga exercises, propose to meditate for a few minutes – start slowly, with 2 to 3 minutes per day. As you are feeling more comfortable, increase the time. However, for meditation, frequency is more important than duration. So try to meditate a little bit every day.

Bet on simplicity and consistency

Do not be hard on yourself if you cannot do advanced exercises. Similarly, avoid frustration and demotivation, worrying about specific targets. To actually enjoy all the benefits Yoga can bring to you, think at the long term.

After all, this practice should be done regularly. It is preferable that you have a simple and frequent routine within your time and limitations – so, you know yourself better and understand your body. Be patient! Take a deep breath and understand that nothing happens from one day to another.

Take online classes

Some Yoga postures may seem too complicated to be repeated. At this point, you may feel insecure to do the wrong posture. For these cases, classes and online courses are the solution.

Online Yoga courses will guide you to a better performance. They will teach you to evolve into practices that are more complex. This will leave you more confident to move on. Another advantage is that they are flexible in relation to the timings.

In the basic Yoga course; developing emotional balance, for instance, you will work the internal skills development. With the help of Professor Anderson Allegro, you will learn step-by-step breathing techniques, which help in muscle re-education and oxygen absorption, and how to relax and unwind each body part.