Healthy snacks to sell and to eat daily

Healthy snacks to sell and to eat daily
Luiza Savietto

Specialists in Nutrition

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Healthy snacks to sell and to eat daily
Healthy snacks to sell and to eat daily

Eat a healthy lunch or dinner is a challenge in the rush of daily life, then imagine a quick snack? And usually in between meals that usually appeal to practical options but poor in nutrients and vitamins. In this course we will show that yes, is possible to eat consciously and healthily even in breaks and more: it's very tasty.

Luiza Savietto is graduated in medicine from the Federal Fluminense University and expert in nutrologia. Currently she is divided between workshops and lectures on healthy eating and her work, healing through feeding, directing and following diets with specific nutritional demands. In this course she will teach more than 40 delicious recipes: snacks, dips, sauces, salads, desserts and even smoothies and drinks.

In addition to this rich content on the nutritional characteristics of each food, you will learn selling tips, packaging and everything so you can open your own business of nutritious food.


[details level="Begginer" workload="7h50" targetaudience="Individuals seeking to learn how to produce their own food or to trade in artisanal scale, focusing on healthy items, functional, with high nutritional content and low production cost." prerequisite="None" objective="The course will teach more than 40 recipes, from savory snacks to sweet options and even vitamins. In addition to the recipes we will also show how to recognize the nutritional content of each food and turn it into a source of income."]

[credits] screenwriter: Bárbara Miranda 
Teacher: Luiza Savietto
Kitchen Assistant: Tábata Romero e Catharina Fischer
Director: Alessandra Haro 
Production: Milena Andrade 
Camera: Cintia Pimentel
Camera: Felipe Moura 
Camera and electrical: Cauê Grubber
Cutting director: Felipe Arruda 
Sound technician: Marcos Gatinho e e Thiago Yamashita
Marketing: Lucas Lamas [/credits]


Lessons plan

In this class, besides the cereal bar recipes, jam, energetic candy, and crunchy balls; you’ll also learn interesting shapes to sell more (how to mold in different shapes your cereal bars); energetic information about food and how to replace something in case you don’t find some ingredient for the recipe.

02:00 min

Pates are excellent complements for breads, toasts and also wraps (we’ll teach you in this class how to use Nori). In this class you’ll learn the main properties of the eggplant, cashew nut, chick pea and what is a probiotic food.

02:00 min

Afternoon snacks are not only made of salty food, so in this class, we’ll learn how to make delicious and nutritive candies. We’ll also show you ways of reutilization and economy in your kitchen.

02:00 min

Dips are like pates to serve with salad, cupcakes, breads etc. In this class, besides teaching some types of dips, snacks and salads, we’ll also show you how to carry the snack and the nutritious values of the food.

02:00 min

Salads are tasty, even more followed by a special sauce that brings color to the dish. In this class we’ll learn three different kinds of salads and sauces, also the assembling in pots that are very practical and versatile.

02:00 min

Creams, smoothies and juices are excellent choices to refresh and can even replace some meals. In this class we’ll teach you some variations and precautions on transportation due to its liquid consistency.

02:00 min

Falafel is a very famous dish from Middle East, besides being tasty and healthy. Masalas are a mix of spices that makes a great difference on any dish. In this special class, you’ll learn nutritional tips and how to price these products.

02:00 min

Have you ever thought about making chia sago? In this class you’ll learn this recipe, also the delicious pudding and tasty pancakes. We’ll also show you ideas of packaging to your product to be sold in a creative and professional way.

02:00 min

Eating healthily doesn’t mean to abandon hamburgers and tasty foods. In the last class of the course I’ll teach you how to make healthy snacks with many special ingredients and a delicious desert: apple cookie.

02:00 min
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About the teacher

Luiza Savietto

Luiza Savietto

Luiza is a Nutróloga (a medical specialist that works with the impacts of the nutrition on health, but it's not a nutritionist) who works with detoxification and cellular regeneration by feeding treatments. Currently she teaches courses, lectures and makes monitoring of patients in her office.

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