Vegetarian MenuFrom appetizers to dessert

Vegetarian Menu: from appetizers to dessert
Priscilla Herrera

Specialists in Nutrition

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Vegetarian Menu: from appetizers to dessert
Vegetarian Menu: from appetizers to dessert

Eating well and healthy can seem challenging when it comes to elaborate and vegetarian dishes. Learn how to make quick and easy options to combine flavors and create versions of traditional and modern dishes. Priscilla Herrera is a chef expert in vegetarian food, vegan, raw food and confectionery sugar-free, gluten or lactose.

This course will show you how to build a full vegetarian menu with starters, main and side dishes and desserts, there will be over 30 recipes.

In addition to these recipes, give tips to undertake and show ways of doing basic ingredients such as vegetable milks, green banana biomass and sprouted lentils. When you purchase the course you will have full access to all classes and the supplementary materials accompanying the recipes of the course, detailed preparation, plus exclusive additional recipes.

This course will show different techniques of preparation of starters, main courses and desserts with only vegetarian ingredients. Through classes and supplementary material that contains all the recipes and preparation methods, you will discover techniques for preparation of basic ingredients such as cheese nuts, basil pesto and vegetable broth; how to prepare and to achieve perfect point of various kinds of grains; tips for those who have a restaurant or business and want to explore the vegetarian expanding demand; production tips and conservation and how to put together a menu for your business. At the end of the course you will be ready to turn any meal into a great and unforgettable event.

[details level="Begginer" workload="7h30" targetaudience="People who want to start their own restaurant facing vegetarian healthy cooking or even improve the quality of their own food with healthy dishes" prerequisites="None" objectives="Help you to eat healthly and learn different vegetarian recipes"] [credits] screenwriter: Bárbara Miranda 
Teacher: Priscilla Herrera
kitchen assistant: Catharina Fischer
Visual director: Alessandra Haro
Production: Milena de Andrade
Camera: Cintia Pimentel
Camera: Luiz Trezeta
Camera e electrician: Cauê Grubber
Cutting director: Felipe Arruda 
Sound technician: Thiago Yamashita
Marketing: Lucas Lamas [/credits]


Lessons plan

In the first class of this course, you will learn four whole risotto types: red rice Jambalaya, forest mushrooms and Arborio rice paella, shot-grain rice and tomatoes risotto, black rice risotto with asparagus, lemon and baby leaf.

00:00 min

In this second class I talk a bit about how I got specialized in healthy cuisine besides giving tips about a menu preparation for your business or to transform your feed. I’ll also talk a bit about the vegetarian area on the food industry.

00:00 min

In this third class I’ll show you details about the vegan cuisine and the preparation of base ingredients such as homemade coconut milk and tahini mayo.

00:00 min

In this class I’ll talk about the detox diet. I’ll also teach how to do a base ingredient that is widely used: nut cheese.

00:00 min

In this class the proposal is to teach easy and practical dishes for anytime, but in a careful and polished way, for you to eat on a restaurant or together with beloved people.

00:00 min

In this class I’ll teach you how to make 4 main dishes to compose an unforgettable dinner table.

00:00 min

In this class I’ll teach you how to make macadamia nut cheese for base ingredients, mustard sauce with vinegar and how to sprout lentils.

00:00 min

In the eighth class I’ll teach how to make base ingredients: nut milk and biomass.

00:00 min

In our last class I’ll teach you five recipes: cauliflower couscous with dill; baked mushrooms with bean sprouts and garlic chives; black rice salad with cranberry; quinoa with braised vegetables; chocolate and ganache pie.

00:00 min
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About the teacher

Priscilla Herrera

Priscilla Herrera

Priscilla is a Chef specialist in natural and vegetarian food, vegan, raw food and confectionery sugar-free, gluten or lactose. Priscilla has international experience in renowned restaurants.

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