Yoga for all ages

Yoga for all ages
Gustavo Ponce

Specialists in Yoga

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Yoga for all ages
Yoga for all ages

Using simpler postures and techniques that can be performed by anyone, the “Yoga for all ages” course has nine classes that can teach you how to strengthen muscles and joints practicing yoga, you will also learn breathing techniques, how to focus on support spots and angle adjustments. Focused on different age range students and in any practice stage, this course can help you use yoga to have a more balanced life.

If you practice yoga for a while, the tips and exercises developed by the yoga master Gustavo Ponce will definitely benefits you, he is one of the pioneers instructors in occident and creator of the yoga stiles, Dynamic Yoga, Sattva Yoga, Prana Shakti and “Eixo Yoga”. Buying the course you’ll have access to more than 6 hour of practical teaching that you can access anywhere and anytime you want. Additionally you can access an e-book to check postures pictures and detailed explanations of each class, also helping you to understand the movements and yoga’s universe.

[details level="Beginner" worload="6h10" targetaudience="Suitable for people seeking to learn yoga techniques that provide well-being and emotional balance" prerequisites=" Before starting the course, persons with labyrinthitis, high blood pressure, heart problems, prostheses, reduced mobility, injuries, chronic pain, medical treatment or pregnant women should consult a doctor." objectives="Teach basic postures and techniques to strengthen all body structures and mind."]

Screenwriter: Bárbara Miranda
Teacher: Gustavo Ponce
Director: Alessandra Hope 
Production: Gabriela Chineze 
Camera: Cleber Barbosa 
Editing assistant: Felipe Arruda 
Marketing: Lucas Lamas [credits] 


Lessons plan

In this first class we’ll focus on the first point of the scaffold: the shoulders.

00:00 min

In the second class we’ll work the center of the scaffold, in other words, the spine.

00:00 min

In the third class we’ll talk about our spine, but this time with the help of strength and gravity.

00:00 min

We’ll focus on the abs in this class, not forgetting about the rest of the body.

00:00 min

In this class we’ll focus on the action of the spine lateralization.

00:00 min

The poses of this class will strengthen and give flexibility to your spine.

00:00 min

In this class we’ll learn the Sun Salutation which tunes, flexibilizer and strengthen the whole body for an easy sequence easy to learn and to create a every-day routine.

00:00 min

In this class we’ll keep working the spine importance and the necessity of take care of it to keep the discs hydrated.

00:00 min

In this class we’ll work the importance of the breathing, because our activities are done through two nervous systems: voluntary and involuntary.

00:00 min
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About the teacher

Gustavo Ponce

Gustavo Ponce

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