Vegan Desserts and tips for your business

Vegan Desserts and tips for your business
Izabela Braga

Specialists in Nutrition

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Vegan Desserts and tips for your business
Vegan Desserts and tips for your business

Veganism is taking over the food scene, people are exploring new niches for a healthier and more nutritious food.  The vegan food eliminates the consumption of animal based products, defends the animals rights and seeks a balanced diet.

To help all the vegans to eat delicious and beautiful deserts and thinking on this growing market and how entrepreneurs can make and sell those products, chef Izabela Braga teaches lots of recipes and techniques.

In addition to the desserts, you'll learn how to prepare basic ingredients for vegan recipes, such as vegetable milks and green banana biomass. Braga also gives you tips on product's storage, food delivery and even how to open your own business.

This course is designed for those who want to incorporate healthy recipes on a daily or already have or want to open a new business with vegan recipes on the menu.

[details level="Begginer" workload="6h50" targetaudience="People interested in increasing their menus with vegan options or to open their own business in functional and nutritious food area." prerequisites="None" objective="Teaching how to prepare the main vegan ingredients (vegetable milks and biomassa) and show the importance of nutritious food through the following desserts: Mango and coconut shortcake; Green tea pudding and jabuticaba gravy; Orange Muffin and poppy seed with cocoa syrup; Strawberry cream with chocolate and base for vegetable milks; Banana brownie with walnuts, avocado cream and watermelon sorbet; Fruits terrine with orange or açaí syrup; Pears in wine with raisins jelly and sweet farofa and peanut praline; Lemon pie with Italian meringue and coconut topping; Lemon pie with Italian meringue and coconut topping; White chocolate petit gateau, green banana and sicilian-lemon biomassa with passion fruit syrup. We will show tips on how to open a business in healthy eating area, new forms of packaging ideas, delivering products, conservation tips, other combinations of recipes and how to build a kitchen to work."]



[credits] screenwriter: Bárbara Miranda
Teacher: Izabela Braga
Kitchen Assistant: Maely Magalhães
Director: Alessandra Haro 
Production: Ayune Namur e Milena Andrade 
Camera: Cintia Pimentel
Camera: Felipe Moura 
Director of photography: Felipe Alex Ribeiro
Camera and electrical: Cauê Grubber
Cutting director: Felipe Arruda 
Sound technician: Marcos Gatinho 
Marketing: Lucas Lamas [/credits]


Lessons plan

In this class we’re going to teach how to cook a mango and coconut pie and some variations of vegan dough.

00:00 min

In this class, we’re going to teach how to make a green tea pudding with sauce, understand the importance of consulting a nutritionist to ensure all vitamins supplementation, know the agar agar and learn how to replace animal ingredients.

00:00 min

In this class we’re going to teach how to cook an orange and poppy seeds cupcake with cocoa frosting. Besides that, we’ll find out through the reading of labels, if the product has any animal ingredient, and yet some tips about line production.

00:00 min

In this class, we’re going to teach how to make three vegetable milks (oat, coconut and nut milk) and a recipe of strawberry with chocolate cream. We’ll also see how to preserve some foods and tips about it, besides tips for delivery and packages.

00:00 min

In this class we’re going to see how to make and how to cut a banana brownie. We’ll also talk about equipment purchase in a restaurant.

00:00 min

In this class, besides the terrine fruit recipe, we’re going to show you some tips on how to avoid wasting food on your restaurant or kitchen, prices of products, how to pick fruits and how to preserve them.

00:00 min

In this class we are going to teach you a red wine poached pears with raisins jam with raisins jam and peanut praline recipe. You’ll also learn how to make sweet toasted manioc flour and vegan options.

00:00 min

In this class we’ll teach you how to make an aquafaba meringue, key lime pie and some techniques to garnish the pies.

00:00 min

In this class you’ll learn how to make a lava cake with passion fruit syrup and coconut cream, and how to make banana biomass, a base for several recipes.

00:00 min
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About the teacher

Izabela Braga

Izabela Braga

Personal chef, Izabela is specialized in healthy and functional food. She provides consulting and workshops on healthy eating.

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